Dansen in Het Park


Dansen in Het Park (Dancing in The Park) offers weekly dance improvisation classes on Monday evening from 19:30 - 21:00 in Het Park at the Euromast taught by dance improvisation teachers.

The costs are 10 euros per person. We ask you to pay with a Tikkie or a bank transfer. After your registration you will receive a message with explanation. If digital payment is really not possible, then we will find a solution in consultation.

In very bad weather and with far too few participants, we will unfortunately have to cancel. Of course we do this as widely as possible in advance, so that you do not go out for nothing, and of course in that case you get your money back.

The location in Het Park

The location is at the red dot at the bottom left of the map, to the southwest of The Park, between the trees and the pond near the corner Baden Powelllaan-Heuvellaan.

Of course we want to do this completely corona-responsibly. We are above all very happy that it is possible to dance again. That's why we ask you your cooperation:

Practical tips and recommendations:

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Sign up for the class of Monday 10 August 2020 by
Thomas Körtvélyessy

NOTE: Thomas wants all participants to wear a face mask for this class and to keep at least 2 meters distance. That is different from our other classes. Would you please notify us, via the comments with your application, if you don't have a face mask, and you can't manage to get one yourself?

I declare that I have no corona-like health issues
I keep sufficient distance and take hygiene measures
I will wear a mask during class
I suffer from allergies, such as hay fever
Please fill this out completely. We need your email address and phone number to reach you if something comes up and for payment. After registration you will receive a payment request. You agree that your registration is final and you promise to meet the payment request.